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Our Story

December 26, 2017

In the beginning {June 10, 2013} .. there was observation. Observation gave way to thought and thought gave way to ideas and ideas gave way to voice {June 18, 2016}. Sometimes one's voice is encouraging, endearing or even enlightening; other times one's voice makes a person want to punch you in the throat, roll their eyes and walk away while drinking a mocha latte.

This is how D.U.H was born! It started with a Meme, evolved (or arguably, DE-evolved) into a session of friends laughing and ranting about humans and life and it is now lovingly edited and made into a sort of formal podcast ready for consumption (ish). It is a podcast about everything and nothing.

D.U.H or The Department of Understanding Humans; is a podcast about everything and nothing, everyday life and what makes it funny... we get serious and satirical at any given time but we have a core goal of lifting up the humans in our presence who want to better the world. We believe in the positive begets positive, kindness has a ripple effect, the golden rule and being human beings is a great thing.


One thing we really love to do is interview awesome people who are trying to make a difference in the world even if it seems smaller than a foot print right now. We like to lift up the indie podcasters, shine lights on small businesses and name drop people who are putting it all out there to be the best version of themselves! Did you write a book? Are you a poet, painter, writer, director and have some amazing project you want to share with humanity that may be as profound as a 10ft tall Campbell's soup can? Or... do you struggle with social anxiety, mental illness or the like and would love to get your story out there? PLEASE let us know... none of the above and you just want to see what it feels like to be interviewed? We have a contact page and a phone number and tubs of awesome waiting for you! We also have a Facebook page and respond to messages pretty fast https://www.facebook.com/duhpodcasting